10+ Words Of Wisdom You Need To Share With Your Children

I wish I had these words of wisdom constantly shared with me when I was growing up. But – I know from first hand experience that the second-last one is definitely true!

Makes You Happy

What Ever You Decide To Do.
Make Sure It Makes You Happy.

Truth and Lies

If You Tell The Truth It Becomes A Part Of Your Past.
But If You Lie It Becomes A Part Of Your Future.

The Time Is Now Clock

The Time Is Now

Pray Then Work At It

Get On Your Knees And Pray.
Then Get On Your Feet And Work.

Overestimated and Underestimated

People Overestimate What They Can Do In A Single Day,
And Underestimate What They Can Do In Their Whole Lives.

Define Destroy Or Strengthen

When Something Bad Happens You Have Three Choices.
Let It: Define You, Destroy You or Strengthen You.

Create Yourself

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself.
Life Is About Creating Yourself.

Choices Not Abilities

Its Our Choices That Show What We Truly Are,
Far More Than Our Abilities.

Be You Not Them

Be You – Not Them

Clean Your Room

You Never Know What You Have Until…
You Clean Your Room.

Attention Or Respect

Girls Want Attention,
Women Want Respect.
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