How Technology Is Changing The Way Your Baby Thinks

Technology Is Changing The Way Your Baby Thinks
You are most likely a mother that juggles the demands of her daily life using a smartphone, laptop computer and/or table, while checking your social network profiles, emails and doing some online banking.

New studies show that exposure to technology is changing the way your baby thinks and the way their brain processes information.

Scientists at UCLA found that ‘Googling’ was an excellent form of brain gymnastics, which leads to higher IQ level and more creativity.

Also, thanks to a phenomenon called the Flynn Effect, chances are that your baby will grow up to have an IQ higher than yours in any case.

[Psychologist James Flynn has shown that every decade, the average IQ goes up by three points.

There seems to be a link between the increase in the everyday use of technology such as smartphones and the evolution of the human brain.

Mother Nature is subtly tweaking the design of the next generation’s brain to be able to adapt to the demands of the modern era.

Baby’s brain is wired differently

Bottom line is your baby’s brain is wired differently to how yours was when you were born. And the way he learns is changing, putting an end to the need for conventional classrooms that depend heavily on parrot-learning or better known as crystallised intelligence.

The human race is moving toward a more fluid intelligence that places less emphasis on cramming facts into their heads. Fluid intelligence is more about understanding, creative thinking and problem solving.

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