How To Teach Your Child To Tell Time

Teach Your Child To Tell Time

Teach Your Child To Tell Time

The very first step you need to take if you are going to teach your child to tell time would be to make them aware of what time is, and what it means to be able to tell the time.
This will give your child (or children) some context into what they are about to learn.

The three basic things that you can do to help them to understand the concepts of time are:

  1. There are 60 minutes an in single hour.
  2. The short hand on the clock stands for the hours
  3. The long hand on the clock stands for the minutes

For them to grasp what this means, you could also make it enjoyable by having them relate to something that keeps them entertained during the day, or something that they are looking forward to doing.

A great example would be for them to tell you what time their favourite cartoon would be coming on TV.

For added effect, use a big and colourful clock during your explanation. Colourful objects are very good for visual aids for a child.

You can then start by showing them the clock and its various parts, and then ask them to tell you what time their favourite cartoon starts.

Your child will then tell you – ‘It starts at 3 o’clock’.

You then ask, what does the small hand stand for? They gonna say its for the hours.
And you ask, what is the long hand for? And they are gonna say that is the minutes.

You can then show them what that looks like on the clock, and then give them a chance to move the hands of the clock to the correct positions.

At this point you are showing your child what 3 o’clock looks like, and they will remember that particular spot on the clock.

For extra effect, get him or her to tell you how they would teach someone else to tell the time using a clock.

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  • Olga

    Thank you for the post! The information is really useful because children have difficulties learning to tell the time, they always confuse. Especially I liked the last tip to ask the child how he/she would teach his friend to say the time. Kids love to teach 🙂 I’m going to use your tips. Thanks again!

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