Cute Baby Clothes That’s Designed To Get Parents Talking More To Their Kids

Talking Is Teaching is a children’s clothing line of onesies, blankets, and tote bags designed to gently remind parents to do just that.

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Talking Is Teaching Baby Clothes

Reading, talking, and singing to your children can have a significant impact on their early learning, especially when you consider that a child’s brain develops to approximately 80% of its capacity by the time he/she is three years old.

In those early months and years, regular engaging interactions with your child can exposed him to millions of new words. There is research that shows kids who grow up in affluent households hear 30 million more words than kids from low-income homes.

The Talking Is Teaching baby clothes are designed to help parents build their young kids’ brain with a variety of questions that can inspire conversations, and many other conversation starters.

Talking Is Teaching Baby Clothes Tee Shirt

Talking Is Teaching Baby Onesie

Talking Is Teaching Baby Onesie

Talking Is Teaching Baby Bedtime Blanket

Talking Is Teaching Baby Bedtime Blanket

Talking Is Teaching Baby Bathtime

Talking Is Teaching Baby Bathtime


Where Can You Find And Buy These?

The items are for sale online via the Talking Is Teaching website, and with each purchase, they will donate an item to a family in need. visit:



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