7 Best Advices For New Dads Raising Daughters

Special Note To New Dads Raising Daughters: You are now her model of what a “good man” is like! Here are 7 great advices for raising daughters.

1. Always Be There For Her

Let her know that you’re always open to talking to her, even if it’s about “girly” things. Unless it’s really something that you specifically don’t understand, don’t choose the cop out “Go ask your mother” option.

Dad and Daughter

2. Love Your Wife. Love Her Openly And Treat Her Well

Be the kind of man to your wife that you would want your daughter to find, fall in love with and marry. If you are not married to her mother, love and respect her all the same.

3. Be A Friend/Pal To Her

Don’t gender her out of your sphere of interests.
Be a pal to your daughter. Teach her stuff like chopping wood, how to throw a football, fishing, etc. These are the things her will always remember doing with you – they may even be some of her favourite memories of childhood.


4. Praise Her On Her Work Ethic & Intelligence

Praise her on her work ethic and intelligence, more often than on her physical appearance.
Don’t make appearance-biased remarks towards other women as well, she will notice. Buy her a legos set rather than a new dress: plenty of other people will help her feel pretty, but few will be in the position to foster her interests like you are.

5. Collect And Read Books With Strong Female Leads.

Think Tamora Pierce, Marie Curie’s biography… etc. Let her read Cicada and Tolkein. Try to keep away Cosmogirl or Twilight. When she turns fifteen, give her The Handmaid’s Tale to read… think of it as a feminist V for Vendetta. Fill her head with pro-woman ideas, even if they seem corny to you at the time. She will need that foundation to hold her own.

Dad and Daughter

6. Set Down Rules And Boundaries

You can’t always be the “good guy”. Don’t be afraid to be harsh on her. Set down the rules. Explain them to her. If she does something wrong let her know it and make sure she gets punished. When she grows up she’ll be more thankful when she doesn’t have the police or suspensions to deal with.

7. One Day She’s Going To Become A Woman

At some point in your daughter’s life, she will become a woman. Her body will develop and one day, she’s going to have sex. When she develops don’t get weird about it. When you find out that your daughter isn’t a virgin anymore don’t shun her or make her feel dirty and guilty. Don’t stop hugging her. Love her. Every day. She will always be your little girl.

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